Date Title
18/05/2022 No Quorum, No Meeting, No Say.
15/03/2022 A Modern look at Testamentary Trusts
26/08/2021 Corporate Trustee Being Deregistered - Consequences and Remedies
30/07/2021 Partnering up to buy a house
6/05/2021 Appointors in Unit Trusts - Recent Decision of Baba v Sheehan [2021] NSWCA 58
25/02/2021 Economic Duress in Current Times
29/10/2020 Important changes to Foreign Persons Surcharge on Family Trusts
3/09/2020 Contracting with a company that doesn't exist (yet)
4/06/2020 Accountants Liens
10/03/2020 Trust Distributions to Non-Beneficiaries and the Doctrine of Fraud on Power
19/02/2020 Beneficiaries accessing trust documents
11/12/2019 Does your Family Trust own property in New South Wales?
21/11/2019 Trustee’s Duty to Act Personally
6/11/2019 Trust Jurisdiction
15/10/2019 Can a single member company pass a special resolution to amend their company constitution?
26/09/2019 Can you control a Trustee?
9/09/2019 What's in a name?
22/08/2019 Should I have a Shareholders Agreement?
31/07/2019 Corporate or Individual Trustee for your Family Trust?
9/07/2019 Joining forces to break into the housing market
25/06/2019 End of Financial Year - Review
30/05/2019 Winding up Family Trusts
9/05/2019 Directors’ Liability in Corporate Trustees
14/02/2019 Using a Single Corporate Trustee for Multiple Trusts
13/12/2018 Are you an Employee or Independent Contractor?
29/11/2018 Will your Australian Will work overseas?
14/11/2018 Adverse Possession
31/10/2018 Mitigating Directors' Risk
17/10/2018 Shadow Directors
27/09/2018 Trust Formalities
13/09/2018 Why have a Shareholders Agreement?
2/08/2018 The risk involved with guarantees contained in unregistered leases
28/06/2018 End of Financial Year - Review
13/06/2018 When Trust distributions are made to Non-Beneficiaries
16/05/2018 Commercial Property and your SMSF Update
12/04/2018 Know your Structures (Part 1) - Partnerships
20/03/2018 The Enforceability of Pre-Registration (Pre-Incorporation) Contracts
31/01/2018 Can fixtures be owned separately to the land?
14/12/2017 Who owns work related intellectual property: Employees or Employers?
16/11/2017 Urgent steps needed to avoid Family Trust Surcharge
13/10/2017 Part Two - Contracting with Agents of a Company
6/09/2017 Directors Incorrectly Signing Contracts – Where does the contract stand?
9/08/2017 Choosing the Company Rule-Book - Constitution vs Replaceable Rules?
12/07/2017 Fettering One’s Discretion
21/06/2017 End of Financial Year - Checklist
25/05/2017 Claiming Damages when an Ex-Employee “Steals” Confidential Information
23/03/2017 Family Trusts hit with tax and duty surcharge
1/03/2017 Testamentary Trusts
20/01/2017 Can Your Will be Recognised in Other Countries?
1/12/2016 Director's Indemnity: Update
2/11/2016 Breaking into the property market with a friend
19/10/2016 Trustees of a Family Trust - Delegating Authority
16/08/2016 Shutting Down Unwanted Family Trusts
15/06/2016 End of Financial Year- Checklist
12/05/2016 Debt forgiveness the basics
5/04/2016 Family Trust - Corporate Trustee versus Individual Trustee
17/02/2016 Commercial Property and your SMSF
19/11/2015 Risky Business
5/11/2015 What’s yours is mine: Who owns an invention made by an employee?