Deeds [top]

Trusts are a common structure in Australia. Central to the establishment and running of the Trust is the trust deed. It is your Trust Deed that sets out the terms on which the trust may be operated and managed. It defines the beneficiaries, determines when the trust is to come to an end and sets out the conditions under which the trustee is to hold the trust property.

Trust Deeds can vary widely depending on your circumstances and requirements. Law Central Legal has extensive experience in drafting Trust Deeds for a wide variety of purposes. For specialised Trusts, including:

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Reviews [top]

Over the past 15 years, the ATO have issued numerous compliance guidelines and policies concerning Family Trusts and Unit Trusts to reflect the evolving tax environment. Unfortunately, this has meant that many existing Trust Deeds do not allow their trustees to simply continue operating their Trust as they have done previously, or to take advantage of new strategies and opportunities without risking serious tax and legal consequences.

The key to what your Trust can and cannot do is largely contained within the Trust Deed itself. The problem is that Trust Deeds are complex legal documents that can be difficult to decipher. To assist with this, Law Central Legal, offers a fixed price Trust Deed review service to determine if your Unit Trust or Family (Discretionary) Trust Deeds are compliant with the latest tax law and offer the most flexibility to trustees.

The Trust Deed review fixed cost is $485 (plus GST) per Deed and includes a written report as to the compliance status of your Trust Deed, including suggestions for any remedial actions that need to be taken (these will be quoted separately). Contact us to arrange for your Trust Deed Review here.

Trust Disputes [top]

Trust disputes often arise from beneficiaries wishing to ensure that the trust, the trust property and their entitlements are properly maintained. The dispute may form from a conflict arising between the trustee and beneficiary or between different beneficiaries with competing or conflicting interests.

Law Central Legal can advise and handle disputes relating to:

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Variations [top]

Like your car, Trust Deeds require maintenance from time to time to keep working efficiently. In addition to keeping up to date with legislative changes, the needs of the Trust change over time.

Law Central Legal can assist in all types of updates and variations to your Trust Deed, including:

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